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Thursday, 22 December 2011 17:14

The Honorary General Consulate of Turkey




The Honorary General Consulate is founded in Syracuse in the 27th of July 1987 in the jurisdiction of Oriental Sicily for the Provinces of Syracuse, Catania, Ragusa, Enna, Messina and Caltanissetta. Domenico Romeo, the General Consul, is a Maritime Agent and Customs Forwarder. The Honorary Consulate, the first one founded in a region of the South Italy and second one in Italy after Genoa, is mainly established for supporting in the commercial and institutional formalities the consistent landing Turkish commercial shipping with regularity in the Sicilian harbors. Obviously the institution of the Consulate, besides guaranteeing the rights of the resident Turkish citizens in the island and to increase the commerce, has the purpose to make to know Turkey, proposing it also as an emergent tourist destination from the years ‘80s.


This has been in fact the principal aim of the actual Consul Romeo, that already in ‘90s has proposed and managed the trips to Turkey using weekly direct charter flights(only 2 hours of flight), during the summer months from Catania to Istanbul and Izmir. Today Turkey is an esteemed tourist destination and very known from the Sicilians; today there are charter flights from Catania and Palermo in different seasons of the year; at the same time Sicily is an important destination for Turkish tourists.


Consul Romeo intends to promote direct flights at least biweekly during the whole year, to give the possibility of trips for tourists and businessman. He is promoting a maritime project that can connect Turkey (Izmir or Aliaga) with Sicily (Augusta or Catania).


The Consulate of Turkey in Sicily represents Turkey, promoting seminars, entrepreneurial missions, and development projects of twin-ship, interchange and connection among the Universities and courses for the Turkish language in Sicily.

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